The idea for Colorado Exposure was conceived in March 2021 during a crisp morning walk along Union Reservoir.  We had recently moved back to Colorado and were discussing our love of storytelling through words and photography.  (We met at journalism school at the University of Montana and both worked in newspapers and magazines.)

We always planned to start a storytelling blog when our children were grown and on their own.

But during that walk, we questioned why we were waiting. The pandemic and other life experiences have taught us that time is fleeting and to embrace opportunities.  We were starting over in a new city, state, and job.  Telling stories would be a way to learn about our new home and the colorful people, places, and events that make Colorado unique.

We played around with names and concepts and settled on Colorado Exposure.  Our goal is to tell stories from around the state, not just the Front Range.  Colorado’s landscape and regions are as diverse as our home state of Montana’s.  Eastern plains meet the mountains, each region has its own personality, and small towns are ripe with interesting stories. We hope that you enjoy our blog, share it with friends and family, and suggest stories.


Kort Duce

I picked up my first Nikon camera as a teenager when I joined the staff of my high school’s newspaper. I would roam campus and attend sporting and school events, hunting for stories and capturing photos. I have been taking photos since. I now work as a professional specializing in commercial, industrial, editorial and documentary photography. In 2006, I started dabbling with acrylic painting and eventually launched Cockeyed Art. I specialize in bright, bold paintings of roosters and chickens. I have learned over the years that I love to tell stories, whether it is through my paint brush or camera. My diverse photography work can be seen here.

Kortny Rolston-Duce

I grew up in a small eastern Montana town and attended a high school with two passionate English teachers who helped instill a love of reading and writing. In college, I decided to pursue a degree in journalism and spent the first half of my career working in newspapers as a reporter and editor. Like many journalists, I eventually left the news business to work in communications and public relations. It was there I discovered another passion – writing and communicating about science and research.  I currently work as a marketing communications manager at a quantum computing company.